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    Rutland, Rutland Co., VT


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 43.5870526, Longitude: -72.9684346


    Matches 1 to 50 of 103

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ANDREWS, Marilyn Stella   I13066
    2 ANDREWS, Nancy Jean   I13064
    3 BALLARD, Raymonia Magdeline   I4728
    4 BERGER, Linda Lee   I26419
    5 BORDEAU, Donald Edward   I5511
    6 BORDEAU, Mary Ellen   I5502
    7 BORDEAU, Nancy Ann   I5501
    8 BORDEAU, Robert Francis Bob""   I5510
    9 BORDEAU, Stanton Thomas Jr  23 Apr 1948Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5512
    10 BORDEAU, Zelma  30 May 1914Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5514
    11 BREWSTER, Joan Frances   I26226
    12 BRIERE, Anthony James   I5361
    13 BRIERE, Dennis   I5366
    14 BRIERE, Sylvia Anne   I5362
    15 BRUCE, Albert Roscoe   I4650
    16 BRUCE, Albert Roscoe   I5544
    17 BRUCE, Edna Lorena  09 Sep 1913Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4649
    18 BRUCE, Eleanor Edith   I4654
    19 BRUCE, Eleanor Edith   I5575
    20 BRUCE, Frances Julia   I4652
    21 BRUCE, Frances Julia   I5550
    22 BRUCE, Paul Maurice  07 Aug 1920Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4653
    23 BRUCE, Paul Maurice  07 Aug 1920Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5573
    24 BRUCE, Roscoe John  19 Jul 1917Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4651
    25 BRUCE, Roscoe John  19 Jul 1917Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5549
    26 BRUCE, Sylvia   I4663
    27 BRUCE, Theresa Marie   I4665
    28 BRUCE, Wayne Anthony   I4661
    29 BRUNELLE, Gayle Kathleen PhD   I4870
    30 BRUNELLE, Joan Theresa  22 Dec 1931Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4864
    31 BRUNELLE, Michael Joseph   I4871
    32 BRUNELLE, Robert Waldo Sr  01 Feb 1934Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4868
    33 BRUNELLE, Robert Waldo Jr   I4869
    34 CANDON, Amy Louise   I5582
    35 CANDON, Bonita Marie   I5576
    36 CANDON, Daniel Edwin   I5581
    37 CANDON, Edwin John   I26586
    38 CANDON, John Bruce   I5577
    39 CAROFANO, Joseph   I4777
    40 CARRUTH, Brian Edward   I4806
    41 CARRUTH, Conrad Allan   I4803
    42 CARRUTH, Guy Francis   I4800
    43 CARRUTH, Harry John   I4798
    44 CARRUTH, Harry Orris   I4797
    45 CARRUTH, Michele Marie   I4808
    46 CARRUTH, Orris Russell  24 Sep 1906Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26186
    47 CARRUTH, Sandra Mae   I4799
    48 CARRUTH, Shane Michael   I4809
    49 CARTER, Benjamin Lee   I13102
    50 CARTER, Christine Edith  24 Jul 1922Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13388

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    Matches 1 to 50 of 57

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BANACH, Carrie V.  02 May 1960Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26159
    2 BEEMIS, Ruth Helen  08 Jul 1968Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I30660
    3 BIRCHARD, William Richard  14 Jul 1959Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I30467
    4 BORDEAU, Stanton Thomas Jr  23 Sep 1948Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5512
    5 BORDEAU, Stanton Thomas  01 Jul 1963Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5500
    6 BRUCE, Harry F.  01 Jan 1975Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4656
    7 BRUCE, John Edward  25 Oct 1941Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4646
    8 BRUCE, John Edward  25 Oct 1941Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26568
    9 BRUCE, Paul Maurice  12 Feb 1979Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4653
    10 BRUCE, Paul Maurice  12 Feb 1979Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5573
    11 BRUNELLE, Agnes Estelle  07 Oct 1918Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4874
    12 BRUNELLE, Cyril (Arthur) III  23 Feb 1966Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4863
    13 BRUNELLE, Cyril Arthur  27 Dec 1947Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26220
    14 BRUNELLE, Gladys Nina  18 Nov 1985Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4861
    15 BRUNELLE, Raymond Joseph  19 Sep 1980Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4875
    16 BRUNELLE, Robert Waldo Sr  7 Nov 2023Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4868
    17 BRUNELLE, Ruth Amilia  14 Sep 1983Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4860
    18 BUTTERFIELD, Esther Martha  07 Nov 1986Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5235
    19 CARTER, Elmer J.  03 Feb 1986Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13061
    20 CARTER, George Orel (Guy)  21 Nov 1978Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13426
    21 CARTER, Glenn Leroy  27 Dec 1994Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13062
    22 CARTER, Horace Mitchell  02 Nov 1970Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I22125
    23 CARTER, Lee Anthony  29 Jan 1985Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13096
    24 CARTER, Margaret Mary  14 Feb 2012Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13063
    25 CARTER, Philip Rollie  21 Aug 1982Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13087
    26 CARTER, Ruth Doris  02 Feb 1999Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13387
    27 CARTER, William G.  27 Sep 2007Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13429
    28 CHANDLER, Mabel Mae [FULLER]  26 Mar 1974Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I30483
    29 CHAPLEAU, Ellen Dorothy  01 Jan 1972Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26546
    30 CHARTIER, Celina M. (Celia)  14 Jan 1956Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13377
    31 CHARTIER, Julienne  27 Nov 1914Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4644
    32 CHARTIER, Pierre B.  15 May 1955Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13423
    33 CHARTIER-CARTER, Charles Oliver  23 Nov 1944Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13060
    34 CHARTIER-CARTER, Pierre Julius (Peter)  08 Jan 1944Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I13382
    35 COSTELLO, Bruce Matthew  07 Aug 1967Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I5543
    36 DIMICK, William Harrison  06 Sep 1968Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26177
    37 DUNBAR, Millard  10 Feb 1983Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I30661
    38 DUNCAN, Amelia Mary  16 Nov 1994Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4774
    39 DUNCAN, William Henry  18 May 1945Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4766
    40 GAROFANO, Louis  18 Nov 1988Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26176
    41 GAROFANO, Philip Thomas  13 May 2007Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4776
    42 GIBSON, George L.  25 Mar 1927Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26124
    43 HURLEY, Mary Catherine  c.1998Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26223
    44 JASMIN, Joseph Clarence  24 Aug 1919Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I30659
    45 MACCASKEY, William  01 Jan 1915Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26263
    46 MYATT, Charles  23 Nov 1922Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26111
    47 MYATT, Edith Mae  25 Mar 1928Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4673
    48 MYATT, Julia A.  27 Mar 1914Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4645
    49 PATNODE, Eileen  15 Oct 1985Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I4810
    50 PATNODE, George E.  27 Mar 1914Rutland, Rutland Co., VT I26185

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