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    St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada



    Matches 1 to 46 of 46

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ALLARD, Josephte  15 May 1814St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51953
    2 BELANGER, Francois  11 Jun 1816St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51217
    3 BELANGER, Mathilde  17 Jul 1844St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51218
    4 CARPENTIER, Augustin  c.1845St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51933
    5 CARPENTIER, Edouard  c.1834St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51928
    6 CARPENTIER, Elooise  25 Dec 1835St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51929
    7 CARPENTIER, Joseph  c.1848St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51934
    8 CARPENTIER, Olivier  c.1840St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51931
    9 CARPENTIER, Philomene  c.1838St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51930
    10 CARPENTIER, Xavier  c.1843St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51932
    11 FERRON, Alida  13 Nov 1869St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51076
    12 FERRON, Rosalie  11 Sep 1853St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51047
    13 GELINAS, Louis  20 Dec 1849St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51223
    14 LESAGE, Aldo  31 Mar 1911St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51351
    15 LESAGE, Alexandre  28 Jan 1889St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51318
    16 LESAGE, Alma  11 Feb 1895St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51329
    17 LESAGE, Alphonse  29 Sep 1880St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51315
    18 LESAGE, Ange-Fabiola  4 Nov 1886St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51325
    19 LESAGE, Anna  2 Mar 1874St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51333
    20 LESAGE, Antoine-Antoni  11 Aug 1874St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51313
    21 LESAGE, Caroline  17 Sep 1879St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51321
    22 LESAGE, Epiphane  15 Jul 1884St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51323
    23 LESAGE, Georges  18 Dec 1887St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51317
    24 LESAGE, Georges-Majorique  18 Sep 1885St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51324
    25 LESAGE, Joseph-Ernest-Majorique  28 Jan 1889St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51326
    26 LESAGE, Laura  25 Apr 1883St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51322
    27 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  17 Mar 1848St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51309
    28 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  1 Mar 1876St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51319
    29 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  27 Aug 1878St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51320
    30 LESAGE, Ludovic  25 Feb 1891St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51327
    31 LESAGE, Marie  25 Mar 1882St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51316
    32 LESAGE, Marie-Anne-Emma  31 Mar 1872St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51312
    33 LESAGE, Marie-Louise  22 Mar 1877St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51314
    34 LESAGE, Vita  15 Jun 1892St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51328
    35 LUPIEN, Mathilde  10 Jul 1823St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51305
    36 MARTIN, Florida-Florilda  19 Aug 1889St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51348
    37 MARTINEAU-DIT-ST.ONGE, Adolphe  22 Sep 1835St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51939
    38 MARTINEAU-DIT-ST.ONGE, Francois  13 Nov 1807St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51952
    39 PRATTE, Alexis-Cyrile  22 Jul 1821St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51298
    40 PRATTE, Rose  8 Apr 1847St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51299
    41 RABOUIN, Andre  22 Mar 1822St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51214
    42 RABOUIN, Emerentienne  19 Mar 1824St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51215
    43 RABOUIN, Georgine  7 Jul 1851St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51306
    44 RABOUIN, Julie  15 Nov 1826St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51216
    45 RABOUIN, Marguerite  11 Feb 1816St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51213
    46 RABOUIN, Marie  22 Jul 1811St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51212


    Matches 1 to 14 of 14

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 FERRON, Rosalie  18 Nov 1925St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51047
    2 HUDON-BEAULIEU, Marie-Louise  19 Nov 1846St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51209
    3 LESAGE, Alma  9 Apr 1900St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51329
    4 LESAGE, Ange-Fabiola  26 Jun 1887St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51325
    5 LESAGE, Epiphane  1 Nov 1884St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51323
    6 LESAGE, Georges-Majorique  4 Jul 1887St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51324
    7 LESAGE, Joseph-Ernest-Majorique  1 Mar 1889St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51326
    8 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  19 Aug 1876St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51319
    9 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  2 Jul 1887St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51320
    10 LESAGE, Louis-Philippe  7 Apr 1939St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51309
    11 LESAGE, Marie-Louise  8 Jun 1911St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51314
    12 LUPIEN, Mathilde  6 May 1906St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51305
    13 RABOUIN, Andre  16 Jun 1882St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51214
    14 RABOUIN, Georgine  9 Aug 1935St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada I51306


    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 MARTINEAU-dit-ST.ONGE / ALLARD  9 Jul 1832St.Leon-le-Grand, QC, Canada F19886