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    Quebec City, QC, Canada


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 46.8138783, Longitude: -71.2079809


    Matches 1 to 45 of 45

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 CHARTIER, Angele  20 Sep 1819Quebec City, QC, Canada I21023
    2 CHARTIER, Caroline  12 Sep 1826Quebec City, QC, Canada I21014
    3 CHARTIER, Cephise (Zephire)  14 Feb 1815Quebec City, QC, Canada I20991
    4 CHARTIER, Charles Claude  08 Nov 1696Quebec City, QC, Canada I16980
    5 CHARTIER, Elisabeth  25 Feb 1826Quebec City, QC, Canada I21009
    6 CHARTIER, Francis-Telesphore  05 Jan 1881Quebec City, QC, Canada I20999
    7 CHARTIER, Francois-Adjutor  09 Sep 1858Quebec City, QC, Canada I20995
    8 CHARTIER, Genevieve-Aimee  23 Nov 1828Quebec City, QC, Canada I21016
    9 CHARTIER, Henri-Victor  29 Jan 1886Quebec City, QC, Canada I21005
    10 CHARTIER, Jean-Baptiste-Adjutor  14 Jun 1821Quebec City, QC, Canada I20994
    11 CHARTIER, Jean-Eutrope  30 Aug 1828Quebec City, QC, Canada I21041
    12 CHARTIER, Joseph-Alphonse-Michel   I17846
    13 CHARTIER, Joseph-Arthur  27 Jul 1882Quebec City, QC, Canada I21004
    14 CHARTIER, Joseph-Charles-Andre  27 Jan 1933Quebec City, QC, Canada I17843
    15 CHARTIER, Joseph-Eugene-Amable  23 Mar 1880Quebec City, QC, Canada I22662
    16 CHARTIER, Joseph-Raymond-Yvon   I17845
    17 CHARTIER, Jules-Pierre-Telesphore  28 Oct 1823Quebec City, QC, Canada I20996
    18 CHARTIER, Marie-Alvine-Jacqueline   I17840
    19 CHARTIER, Marie-Alzire (Elise)  24 Jul 1846Quebec City, QC, Canada I20997
    20 CHARTIER, Marie-Diane-Gisele   I17847
    21 CHARTIER, Marie-Florence  09 Apr 1819Quebec City, QC, Canada I20993
    22 CHARTIER, Marie-Genevieve  23 Apr 1818Quebec City, QC, Canada I20974
    23 CHARTIER, Marie-Helene   I17844
    24 CHARTIER, Marie-Jeanne  15 Jul 1675Quebec City, QC, Canada I23143
    25 CHARTIER, Marie-Jeanne-Georgette   I17841
    26 CHARTIER, Marie-Julie  16 Jan 1825Quebec City, QC, Canada I21015
    27 CHARTIER, Marie-Pauline   I17842
    28 CHARTIER, Severin  23 Oct 1827Quebec City, QC, Canada I21036
    29 FORGET, Octave  c.1879Quebec City, QC, Canada I34082
    30 FOUCHER, Joseph  21 Mar 1745Quebec City, QC, Canada I51919
    31 JEFFERY, Arthur Theophile  06 Dec 1873Quebec City, QC, Canada I28613
    32 LAMONTAGNE, Antoine  22 Feb 1802Quebec City, QC, Canada I49853
    33 LAVERTU, Marie  14 Jul 1870Quebec City, QC, Canada I35131
    34 MARCHAND, Emilie  7 Jun 1861Quebec City, QC, Canada I50053
    35 MARTEL, Agnes  18 Apr 1845Quebec City, QC, Canada I50060
    36 PICHE, Albert  c.1864Quebec City, QC, Canada I34316
    37 RABOUIN, Lucie  19 Apr 1814Quebec City, QC, Canada I50828
    38 ROBERT, Claude   I367
    39 ROBERT, Denise   I360
    40 ROBERT, Gaston   I366
    41 ROBERT, Gerard   I358
    42 ROBERT, Monique   I362
    43 ROBERT, Paul   I364
    44 ROBERT, Therese   I363
    45 ROBERT, Yvon   I365


    Matches 1 to 21 of 21

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 CHARTIER, Caroline  26 Apr 1853Quebec City, QC, Canada I21014
    2 CHARTIER, Charles  c.1704Quebec City, QC, Canada I16979
    3 CHARTIER, Elisabeth  28 May 1834Quebec City, QC, Canada I21009
    4 CHARTIER, Eutrope  23 Jul 1820Quebec City, QC, Canada I20992
    5 CHARTIER, Francois  17 May 1841Quebec City, QC, Canada I20987
    6 CHARTIER, Francois-Adjutor  14 Oct 1858Quebec City, QC, Canada I20995
    7 CHARTIER, Gabriel  15 Oct 1762Quebec City, QC, Canada I17060
    8 CHARTIER, Joseph  27 May 1818Quebec City, QC, Canada I21022
    9 CHARTIER, Joseph-Charles-Andre  04 Jun 2014Quebec City, QC, Canada I17843
    10 CHARTIER, Marie-Judith  08 Sep 1821Quebec City, QC, Canada I20980
    11 CHARTIER, Michel  02 Jun 1853Quebec City, QC, Canada I20972
    12 CHARTIER, Pierre  29 Dec 1693Quebec City, QC, Canada I17058
    13 CHARTIER, Severin  07 Sep 1843Quebec City, QC, Canada I21036
    14 CHARTIER, Therese  17 Dec 1864Quebec City, QC, Canada I21011
    15 DUNN-LISK, Esther  3 May 1868Quebec City, QC, Canada I49897
    16 EVANTUREL, Euphrosine  09 Sep 1858Quebec City, QC, Canada I34916
    17 GODIN, Wilbrod  9 Dec 1964Quebec City, QC, Canada I51336
    18 HALE, Jean-Baptiste  4 Apr 1744Quebec City, QC, Canada I24021
    19 HUDON-BEAULIEU, Emelia-Emelie  3 May 1898Quebec City, QC, Canada I49873
    20 MOREAU, Clarisse  8 Jun 1926Quebec City, QC, Canada I50057
    21 ST.YVES, Jeanne-Cecile  9 Mar 1744Quebec City, QC, Canada I30


    Matches 1 to 25 of 25

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 AUBE / BOUCHARD  26 Feb 1938Quebec City, QC, Canada F19042
    2 BEAULIEU / ROBERT   F151
    3 BOUCHARD / LACHANCE  16 Feb 1915Quebec City, QC, Canada F19040
    4 CHAMBERLAND / CHARTIER  20 Oct 1835Quebec City, QC, Canada F10915
    6 CHARTIER / CHEVALIER  28 Dec 1721Quebec City, QC, Canada F8676
    7 CHARTIER / CORNEAU  14 Oct 1823Quebec City, QC, Canada F10927
    8 CHARTIER / D'ARGENCOUR  25 Jan 1727Quebec City, QC, Canada F8719
    9 CHARTIER / DELORME  01 Oct 1669Quebec City, QC, Canada F11584
    10 CHARTIER / EVANTUREL  24 Jun 1851Quebec City, QC, Canada F10917
    11 CHARTIER / GRONDIN  15 Apr 1722Quebec City, QC, Canada F8689
    12 CHARTIER / PICARD  13 Aug 1816Quebec City, QC, Canada F10930
    13 CHARTIER / ROUSSIN  31 Jan 1826Quebec City, QC, Canada F10940
    14 CHARTIER / VALLIERES  28 Nov 1826Quebec City, QC, Canada F8952
    15 DURAND / CHARTIER  17 Oct 1673Quebec City, QC, Canada F11604
    16 HUDON-BEAULIEU / SANSFACON  27 Jul 1852Quebec City, QC, Canada F18971
    17 LACOMBE / LEMIEUX  Quebec City, QC, Canada F9615
    18 LACOMBE / ST.AMAND  Quebec City, QC, Canada F10410
    19 LAMONTAGNE / LAFLEUR-DURIVAU  21 Jul 1749Quebec City, QC, Canada F18963
    20 LAMONTAGNE / PALIN  23 Feb 1784Quebec City, QC, Canada F18965
    21 PAXTON / MACWILLIAMS  30 Jul 1932Quebec City, QC, Canada F5573
    23 ROBERT / DION  09 Feb 1927Quebec City, QC, Canada F147
    24 ROBERT / FORTIN   F149
    25 SENECAL / LEFEBVRE   F17407