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    Providence, Providence Co., RI


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 41.8239891, Longitude: -71.4128343


    Matches 1 to 46 of 46

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BALLARD, Erick Marcel  14 Oct 1982Providence, Providence Co., RI I5387
    2 BALLARD, LAUREN Ann   I5389
    3 BALLARD, Shawn Erick   I5388
    4 BOUCHER, Wilfrid Joseph  29 Nov 1899Providence, Providence Co., RI I31413
    5 CARTER, Herbert Louis  11 Jan 1871Providence, Providence Co., RI I17913
    6 CHARTIER, Adelard Joseph  16 Jan 1893Providence, Providence Co., RI I15017
    7 CHARTIER, Aldege  21 Jan 1903Providence, Providence Co., RI I14811
    8 CHARTIER, Amy Susan   I15762
    9 CHARTIER, Arthur Robert Jr   I17422
    10 CHARTIER, Charles Andre  11 Apr 1952Providence, Providence Co., RI I11061
    11 CHARTIER, George Emile   I11062
    12 CHARTIER, Gilbert Anthem  29 Aug 1948Providence, Providence Co., RI I14807
    13 CHARTIER, Harold Paul  21 Aug 1941Providence, Providence Co., RI I10923
    14 CHARTIER, John Anthony Jr   I15559
    15 CHARTIER, Joseph E.  07 Feb 1894Providence, Providence Co., RI I14793
    16 CHARTIER, Richard James   I10933
    17 CHARTIER, Richard Max   I15761
    18 DANDRIDGE, Franklin B.   I26520
    19 DANDRIDGE, Franklin B.   I26521
    20 DIPANNI, Barbara Jane   I31888
    21 DOUGHTY, Catherine  c.1929Providence, Providence Co., RI I29319
    22 DOWD, Robert Anthony   I31593
    23 DUCHARME, Edouard   I32916
    24 GEORGE, Guido (King)  c.1911Providence, Providence Co., RI I29310
    25 GOUIN, Erin Marie   I15782
    26 KENT, Christopher Scott   I15738
    27 KENT, Jefrey David   I15737
    28 KENT, Trevor Roch   I15739
    29 KORKUC, Davod Jason   I15754
    30 KORKUC, Walter Peter   I31999
    31 LABBE, Patrick Charles   I15829
    32 LABBE, Roland Gerald   I15828
    33 LACERTE, Adelina  24 Jun 1892Providence, Providence Co., RI I31398
    34 LAGUE, Armand R.   I31578
    35 LARENCE, David   I11066
    36 LARENCE, Michael   I11067
    37 LAWTON, Amy Sarah   I5385
    38 LAWTON, Thomas R.   I26493
    39 LAWTON, Traci Catherine   I5384
    40 MAGNAN, David Kenneth   I15792
    41 MAGNAN, Michael Roger   I15791
    42 MOREAU, Eugene Joseph   I15523
    43 MOREAU, Lucille Marie   I15521
    44 PARENT, Judith (Julia)  c.Jul 1880Providence, Providence Co., RI I24751
    45 SHARKEY, Karen   I9571
    46 STAHOWIAK, Edward John   I32009


    Matches 1 to 17 of 17

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ALBERTSON, Ona Pearl  09 Jan 1950Providence, Providence Co., RI I29327
    2 BALLARD, Erick Marcel  29 Dec 1982Providence, Providence Co., RI I5387
    3 BOUDREAU, Marie Eva  23 Dec 1937Providence, Providence Co., RI I31748
    4 BOUTIN, Josephine  c.1946Providence, Providence Co., RI I29289
    5 CHAFFEE, Alice Edie  11 Apr 2000Providence, Providence Co., RI I29318
    6 CHARTIER, Albert William  28 Mar 2001Providence, Providence Co., RI I10919
    7 CHARTIER, Dorothy  c.Feb 1977Providence, Providence Co., RI I10930
    8 CHARTIER, Edna D.  24 Jan 2004Providence, Providence Co., RI I10949
    9 CHARTIER, Ernest E.  04 Nov 2007Providence, Providence Co., RI I15018
    10 CHARTIER, Joseph Omer  18 Dec 1972Providence, Providence Co., RI I4561
    11 CHARTIER, Joseph-Levi-Amedee  c.1946Providence, Providence Co., RI I10907
    12 CHARTIER, Rene Bernard  25 Sep 2000Providence, Providence Co., RI I15041
    13 CHARTIER, Robert F.  31 Mar 1987Providence, Providence Co., RI I10963
    14 GEORGE, Guido (King)  21 May 1996Providence, Providence Co., RI I29310
    15 LAMOUREUX, Aldea Marguerite  04 Oct 1963Providence, Providence Co., RI I26079
    16 MOREAU, WILLIAM T.  11 Jun 2012Providence, Providence Co., RI I14740
    17 QUESNEL, Leon Santo  18 Jun 1973Providence, Providence Co., RI I26489