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    Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 41.8787110, Longitude: -71.3825558


    Matches 1 to 50 of 86

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 BESSETTE, Cecile Blaveh  c.Dec 1936Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31674
    2 CARTY, Joan E.   I11069
    3 CARTY, John F. CAR  03 Jul 1910Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I29355
    4 CARTY, Karen C.   I11070
    5 CHAMPAGNE, Leo Joseph  22 Feb 1903Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I33955
    6 CHARETTE, Brian   I15816
    7 CHARTIER, Albert Harold   I17465
    8 CHARTIER, Alma Alice   I15785
    9 CHARTIER, Arsilie Armine  15 Feb 1887Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4575
    10 CHARTIER, Charles Emile  02 Sep 1914Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I11060
    11 CHARTIER, Cheryl Ann   I15805
    12 CHARTIER, Constance  09 Sep 1931Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15830
    13 CHARTIER, Darlene Caroline   I10934
    14 CHARTIER, Delima Florina  22 Nov 1889Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4558
    15 CHARTIER, Delima Georgiana  03 Sep 1888Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4576
    16 CHARTIER, Dona Napoleon  26 Feb 1919Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15223
    17 CHARTIER, Doris Belle  17 Feb 1924Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15230
    18 CHARTIER, Doris Marie   I17462
    19 CHARTIER, Dorothy Lillian   I15228
    20 CHARTIER, Ernest Ronald   I15101
    21 CHARTIER, Estelle Claire   I15821
    22 CHARTIER, Eva Albina   I14686
    23 CHARTIER, Francis Earl   I15231
    24 CHARTIER, Fredila Beatrice  16 Apr 1893Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4582
    25 CHARTIER, George Olivier  30 Dec 1885Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4553
    26 CHARTIER, Georgiana  15 Oct 1887Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4557
    27 CHARTIER, Henri Guillaume  11 Sep 1894Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4560
    28 CHARTIER, Jeannette  14 Feb 1928Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15168
    29 CHARTIER, Jeannette Gertrude   I15312
    30 CHARTIER, Joseph Arthur   I17420
    31 CHARTIER, Joseph Lucien   I15793
    32 CHARTIER, Joseph Normand Omer Francis   I15173
    33 CHARTIER, Joseph Omer  11 Mar 1896Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4561
    34 CHARTIER, Laura Jean   I15100
    35 CHARTIER, Louis Alphonse (Dewey)  25 Jan 1914Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14683
    36 CHARTIER, Louis Gilbert (Lewis)  14 Oct 1923Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15084
    37 CHARTIER, Lynda M.   I10935
    38 CHARTIER, Mabel Louise  06 Sep 1906Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4554
    39 CHARTIER, Madeleine Marie   I15808
    40 CHARTIER, Marie-Eva  11 Sep 1890Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4581
    41 CHARTIER, Marie-Louise Agnes  09 Apr 1892Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4559
    42 CHARTIER, Norman F.  27 Sep 1931Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15096
    43 CHARTIER, Olivier Arthur  03 Apr 1885Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I4574
    44 CHARTIER, Paul Donald   I15247
    45 CHARTIER, Pearl Therese  25 Nov 1917Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15218
    46 CHARTIER, Philias Antoine  14 Dec 1897Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15174
    47 CHARTIER, Raymond George  26 Dec 1922Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15162
    48 CHARTIER, Raymond Joseph   I15799
    49 CHARTIER, Raymond Maurice   I15163
    50 CHARTIER, Rita  06 Feb 1918Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14723

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    Matches 1 to 36 of 36

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 BONAFE, Marie-Aurore  04 Jun 1997Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31675
    2 BOUTHILIER, Omer A.  19 Dec 1960Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15530
    3 CARTY, John F. CAR  13 Apr 1991Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I29355
    4 CHARTIER, Adelard Joseph  c.Dec 1970Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15017
    5 CHARTIER, Adelard Joseph (Dolor)  02 Sep 1960Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14698
    6 CHARTIER, Antoine-Ambroise  16 Jan 1911Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14784
    7 CHARTIER, Emile Hector  01 Aug 1931Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I11059
    8 CHARTIER, Ernest Romeo  c.1969Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15083
    9 CHARTIER, Imelda Jeannette  c.Nov 1982Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15509
    10 CHARTIER, Joseph Hosanna  c.Mar 1976Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15167
    11 CHARTIER, Joseph Paul Maurice  29 Sep 2008Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15755
    12 CHARTIER, Louis Alphonse (Dewey)  18 Oct 2008Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14683
    13 CHARTIER, Marie-Albina  06 May 1951Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15292
    14 CHARTIER, Marie-Alida-Beatrice-Irene  13 Sep 1977Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I18860
    15 CHARTIER, Marie-Laure-Liliane (Lillian)  04 Dec 2001Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I11068
    16 CHARTIER, Maurice A.  17 Nov 2002Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15165
    17 CHARTIER, Raymond George  02 Mar 2007Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15162
    18 CHARTIER, Rita Blossom  01 Sep 1989Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15229
    19 CHARTIER, Ronald Eugene  23 Mar 1996Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15099
    20 CHARTIER, Samuel-Noel  c.Jul 1970Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I14681
    21 CHARTIER, Thelma Ruby  22 Jun 1992Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I15242
    22 COULOMBE, Alexina (Celina)  26 Apr 1988Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31670
    23 DAVIGNON, Oscar (Red)  01 Apr 1970Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I29353
    24 DUSSEAULT, Walter Joseph  06 May 1955Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31866
    25 GALLAGHER, Mary Veronica (Mae)  31 Oct 1973Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31833
    26 GAREAU, Marie-Sylvina  13 Mar 1972Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I29351
    27 GOUDREAU, Lillian M.  31 Dec 2003Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31335
    28 HILL, Alice L.  15 Sep 1966Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31698
    29 JACKSON, Harold W.  c.May 2014Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31714
    30 LAROCQUE, Monique-Mederise  19 Jan 1933Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31394
    31 MADEIROS, Lillian  31 Dec 2003Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I29293
    32 MCKENNA, Elizabeth A.  15 Nov 2010Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31703
    33 MOREAU, Oscar Adrian  16 Dec 2000Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31362
    34 PAULHUS, Corina (Cora)  29 Oct 1998Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31666
    35 ROCHELEAU, Sylvia [Rushlow]  c.Oct 1983Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31601
    36 VACHER, Roland Andre  07 Nov 1977Pawtucket, Providence Co., RI I31361