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    Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 43.3728635, Longitude: -72.3378744


    Matches 1 to 18 of 18

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 VADNEY, Charles W.  01 Oct 1875Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I25551
    2 CHARTIER, Randolph  22 Sep 1879Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15421
    3 CHARTIER, Udolf  06 Apr 1881Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15422
    4 CHARTIER, Arsene  10 Oct 1881Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15423
    5 SHARKEY, Charles Edward Jr  c.Jun 1882Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I20235
    6 CHARTIER, Louis Arthur  01 Jun 1889Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15357
    7 CHARTIER, Paul Arsene  27 Aug 1890Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15383
    8 FORTIER, Walter   I5276
    9 BREAULT, Irene Jeanette   I31810
    10 DECOTEAU, Beverly Ann   I30606
    11 SHACKETT, Ronald Paul   I5285
    12 SHACKETT, Joy Ann   I5289
    13 SHACKETT, David Paul   I5283
    14 SHACKETT, Leona Ellen   I5306
    15 RANNEY, Brenda Susan   I26587
    16 CANDON, Melissa Ann   I5578
    17 CANDON, Christopher John   I5579
    18 CANDON, Daniel Edwin II   I5580


    Matches 1 to 9 of 9

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 CHARTIER, Emma  07 May 1879Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15420
    2 VADNEY, Charles W.  02 Nov 1932Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I25551
    3 CHARTIER, Francois-Arthur  20 Apr 1935Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I15356
    4 CHARTIER, Marie-Louise  19 Oct 1948Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I10868
    5 FERLAND, Benoni  09 Jul 1951Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I29265
    6 MAURICE, Rose Marie  17 Feb 1960Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I29272
    7 FERLAND, Herve  01 Oct 1976Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I10876
    8 BLAIR, Russell  01 Jun 1978Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I4842
    9 HARRISMAN, Elsie Vera  20 Oct 2004Claremont, Sullivan Co., NH I25556