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    Springfield, Hampden Co., MA


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 42.1014831, Longitude: -72.5898110


    Matches 1 to 33 of 33

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, David Michael  Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I18503
    2 BEYETTE, John A. (Jackie)  30 Oct 1950Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3471
    3 BEYETTE, Judy M.  16 Oct 1956Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3472
    4 BEYETTE, Norman J.  06 Apr 1961Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3474
    5 BEYETTE, Stephen D.  24 Sep 1958Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3473
    6 CHARTIER, Arthur Florence  19 Mar 1930Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3477
    7 CHARTIER, Charlotte Cecile   I18783
    8 CHARTIER, Christof Martin   I18567
    9 CHARTIER, Gary Leslie   I3469
    10 CHARTIER, Lillian V.  27 Mar 1928Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I18475
    11 CHARTIER, Lori Ann   I10812
    12 CHARTIER, Marie Helena  09 Jun 1936Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3479
    13 CHARTIER, Mark Joseph   I10808
    14 CHARTIER, Maurice Joseph  28 Jan 1926Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I17595
    15 CHARTIER, Paul Roger   I11063
    16 CHARTIER, Ralph S.  19 Nov 1947Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3463
    17 CHARTIER, Ramona  07 Jul 1942Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3462
    18 CHARTIER, Roger Philippe   I18784
    19 CHARTIER, Suzanne Marie   I18782
    20 DEL NEGRO, Cologerina (Lena) Ann  19 Apr 1926Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25496
    21 DESOTELLE, George Albert  01 Dec 1920Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I31279
    22 GRIFFIN, George F.   I29252
    23 HILDRITH, Lynda [Lee] [Guevin]   I33062
    24 KENNEDY, Cynthia   I32967
    25 LEBLANC, Alfred Camille  03 Jun 1947Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3476
    26 MOTTA, Karen Sue   I25497
    27 QUESNEL, Brian Robert   I5411
    28 QUESNEL, David Michael   I5412
    29 QUESNEL, Kevin Armand   I5410
    30 RUSSELL, Elmer Abram  26 Jun 1900Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25504
    31 STOWERS, Donna Jean   I26502
    32 WHITAKER, Margaret R.   I26503
    33 ZONG, Jeanne K.   I26425


    Matches 1 to 29 of 29

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 ANDERSON, Easter D. (Andy)  01 Mar 2000Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25481
    2 BEAN, Eva Edith  03 Jan 1965Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3518
    3 BEYETTE, Judy M.  02 Jan 2000Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3472
    4 BEYETTE, Stephen D.  17 Sep 1997Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3473
    5 BLACK, Flora Edna  14 Dec 1980Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25493
    6 BURGESS, David  18 Feb 1986Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25502
    7 BUYETTE, John Joseph  22 Feb 1981Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25498
    8 CHARTIER, Alfred Victor  19 Jul 1960Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3465
    9 CHARTIER, Arthur Florence  23 Mar 1985Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3477
    10 CHARTIER, Charles Emile  29 Apr 1988Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I11060
    11 CHARTIER, Clarence Herbert  24 May 1973Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3468
    12 CHARTIER, Elodia Olivine  19 May 1992Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3478
    13 CHARTIER, Evelyn Julia  16 Mar 1983Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3470
    14 CHARTIER, Hector Frederic  c.Dec 1968Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I18738
    15 CHARTIER, John Leo  30 Jun 1994Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3461
    16 CHARTIER, Marie Helena  28 Sep 1993Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3479
    17 CHARTIER, Pauline Rosemma C.  11 Jul 2001Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3460
    18 CHARTIER, Ramona  03 May 1943Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3462
    19 DELISLE, Peter Ulric  22 Apr 1953Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25535
    20 DEMERS, Flora  14 Dec 1980Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I33061
    21 DESANTIS, Denato (David)  08 Jan 1980Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25480
    22 FLEURY, Louise Anna  04 Jan 1965Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25550
    23 KENNEDY, Walter Gerald  13 Jul 1991Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25492
    24 KOEHLER, Maria  19 Jul 2014Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I33007
    25 KRASUSKA, Pauline Magdaline  06 Aug 1966Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25491
    26 MANSFIELD, Genevieve Agnes  22 Sep 2011Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I31806
    27 MAYHEW, Pearl  28 Jun 1987Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25500
    28 RUSSELL, Elmer Abram  09 Sep 1983Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I25504
    29 VERMETTE, Clifford L.  02 Oct 1991Springfield, Hampden Co., MA I3500