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    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 44.3148443, Longitude: -85.6023643


    Matches 801 to 844 of 844

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    801 SHURKEY, Lawrence  04 Sep 1910MI I7946
    802 SHURKEY, Leota   I7956
    803 SHURKEY, Lila Agnes  c.Jul 1900MI I7706
    804 SHURKEY, Louis   I7725
    805 SHURKEY, Louise  c.1904MI I7723
    806 SHURKEY, Lucille   I7953
    807 SHURKEY, Marguerite   I7727
    808 SHURKEY, Mildred   I7962
    809 SHURKEY, Orville   I7697
    810 SHURKEY, Owen  28 Dec 1916MI I7955
    811 SHURKEY, Paul G.  08 Jul 1925MI I7709
    812 SHURKEY, Robert F.  c.1925MI I7704
    813 SHURKEY, Shirley  c.1915MI I7954
    814 SHURKEY, Shirley   I7698
    815 SHURKEY, Warren  04 Aug 1927MI I7961
    816 SHURKEY, William (Willie) Henry  30 Sep 1901MI I7707
    817 SHURKEY-COLBY, George  24 Apr 1883MI I7756
    818 SIRARD, Flora E.  03 Aug 1900MI I27486
    819 SKINNER, Lilah Grace  23 Feb 1925MI I8741
    820 SNOW, Bessie E.  c.1880MI I30369
    821 STARK, Evelyn  05 Dec 1979MI I28200
    822 STENDER, Betty   I25745
    823 SWEET, Burt  c.1878MI I8008
    824 SWEET, Henry  c.1879MI I8009
    825 THOMAS, Howard  05 Mar 1913MI I21191
    826 THOMAS, Roy E.  29 Oct 1914MI I21192
    827 TREPANIER, Violet   I6503
    828 TREPANIER, Zelma  01 Jan 1902MI I6502
    829 TRUCKEY, Cletis   I19756
    830 TRUCKEY, Leota   I19757
    831 TRUCKEY, Monica   I19755
    832 TRUCKEY, Patricia   I19758
    833 TYVAINEN, Saimi (Joan)   I27496
    834 VINCENT, Clara  c.1885MI I34773
    835 VISNEAU, Mary  08 Oct 1870MI I28228
    836 WARD, Ada   I19810
    837 WARD, Graydon   I19809
    838 WHALEN, Florence M.  23 Sep 1896MI I34687
    839 WILLIAMS, Susan  c.Sep 1854MI I27661
    840 WINTER, Anne   I9302
    841 WINTER, Jeremy   I9303
    842 WRIGHT, Catherine   I6658
    843 WRIGHT, Charles   I6659
    844 ZIMMERMAN, Linda Pauline  c.1891MI I26772

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