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    Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada


    Tree: Chartier Family
    Latitude: 50.26612100000001, Longitude: -64.14853699999998


    Matches 51 to 100 of 128

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    51 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  07 Jun 1829Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1272
    52 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  21 Jul 1833Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1480
    53 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  24 Oct 1849Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2081
    54 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  12 Jul 1859Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1274
    55 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  18 Jan 1864Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1276
    56 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph  01 Dec 1872Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1335
    57 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph-Ferdinand  03 Aug 1851Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2089
    58 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph-Francois-Basile  09 Mar 1822Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1236
    59 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph-Honorius  21 Jan 1874Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1384
    60 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph-Ildege  10 Jul 1875Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1394
    61 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Joseph-Telesphore  03 Dec 1868Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1391
    62 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Louis  26 Feb 1751Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1182
    63 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Louis  23 Jan 1762Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1907
    64 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Louis  21 Nov 1838Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2025
    65 CHARTIER-ROBERT, M.Angelique  04 Mar 1769Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1941
    66 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marguerite  06 May 1864Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1204
    67 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie  11 Aug 1823Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1277
    68 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie Angelique  11 Feb 1745Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I79
    69 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie Josette  03 Nov 1752Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1183
    70 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Adeline  23 Sep 1824Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1896
    71 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Agathe  05 Dec 1764Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1908
    72 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Alphonsine-Onesime  11 Aug 1861Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1386
    73 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Anne  06 Aug 1785Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1903
    74 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Anne  25 Sep 1798Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1943
    75 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Apolline  19 Dec 1849Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1232
    76 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Catherine  19 Jan 1833Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1478
    77 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Celanire  09 Dec 1862Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1388
    78 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Elodie  30 Mar 1864Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1389
    79 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Emma  12 Jun 1876Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1370
    80 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Esperie  23 Dec 1855Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1228
    81 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Eugenie  05 Sep 1874Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1198
    82 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Hypolite (Appolline)  04 Dec 1785Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I86
    83 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Joseph  11 Jul 1773Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2116
    84 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Josephe  22 Oct 1827Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1477
    85 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Josette  13 Feb 1757Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1034
    86 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Julie  09 Dec 1862Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1387
    87 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Marguerite  11 Dec 1788Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1902
    88 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Monique  25 Mar 1768Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1940
    89 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Rosianne-Arthemis  21 May 1854Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1227
    90 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Suzanne  26 Mar 1783Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1185
    91 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Victoire  26 Mar 1764Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1170
    92 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Victoire   I1390
    93 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Vitaline  13 Mar 1861Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1275
    94 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Marie-Vitaline-Azilda  22 Mar 1846Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2079
    95 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Monique  03 Feb 1749Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I84
    96 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Napoleon-Theodore  22 Aug 1881Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1383
    97 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Philomene  18 Jan 1847Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1395
    98 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Philomene  16 Feb 1860Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1382
    99 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Pierre  28 Jun 1848Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I2080
    100 CHARTIER-ROBERT, Pierre-Samuel  26 Apr 1849Longue-Pointe, QC, Canada I1396

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